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A worldline theory for gravity

Speaker: Roberto Bonezzi, Humboldt University Berlin.


The N=4 supersymmetric spinning particle admits several consistent quantizations, related to the gauging of different subgroups of the SO(4) R-symmetry on the worldline. We construct the background independent BRST quantization for all of these choices which are shown to reproduce either the massless NS-NS spectrum of the string, or Einstein theory with or without the antisymmetric tensor field and/or dilaton corresponding to different restrictions.  Quantum consistency of the worldline implies equations of motion for the background which, in addition to the admissible string backgrounds, admit Einstein manifolds, with or without a cosmological constant. 

Data inizio evento: 28/05/2020 12:00

Luogo: online

Informazioni: Per partecipare:https://meet.google.com/ijk-bxww-xwt Per informazioni: olindo.corradini@unimore.it

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