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DIEF and Brazilian University UTFPR Double university degree qualification

The “International” graduation session at the “Enzo Ferrari” Department of Engineering on 7 April 2020 awarded the first Master’s Degree in “Electronics Engineering” within a Double Qualification programme developed with the UTFPR Brazilian University (Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Paraną).

Ms. Taynara Apoena de Oliveira is the first student who has participated in the programme developed between the “Enzo Ferrari” Engineering Department - Master’s Degree Programme in “Electronics Engineering” and the Master in Science Degree, Programme in “Graduate Programme in Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Brazilian University UTFPR. The thesis presented by the new engineer Apoena De Oliveira was on the study of structures for photonics devices.

“For the Enzo Ferrari Department of Engineering, it is a programme for the award of a double qualification with a famous Brazilian university that offers new and wide international job opportunities - Professor Paolo Pavan, promoter of the initiative, and Professor Luca Vincetti, president of the Degree Board and President of the Degree Programme Board pointed out -. Started in 2017/2018, the programme is still on and gives students of the Master’s Degree Programme in “Electronics Engineering” and Electrical and Computer Engineering Programme - UTFPR the opportunity to spend periods abroad and obtain two important university qualifications”.

A student of the “Enzo Ferrari” Department of Engineering is currently in Brazil, participating in the same programme.

As Professor Alessandro Capra, Representative for International Relation at Unimore states “We hope that this is only the beginning of a project developed to increase not only the reputation of the study programmes, but also and first of all the training of future generations who will be increasingly required to enter a global job market”.


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