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The international ARTESIA study, coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Boriani, in the New England Journal of Medicine

The results of the international ARTESIA study, whose national coordinator and co-author is Prof. Giuseppe Boriani of Unimore, were published in the prestigious scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine, and were presented in November during the American Heart Association Congress.

This is an important international study, begun in 2014, which included the prescription of anticoagulant therapy even in short-lasting atrial fibrillation and involved more than 4,000 patients with subclinical atrial fibrillation of minute-hour duration detected by implantable devices.

"The results obtained are very important and indicate that in appropriately selected patients the administration of anticoagulant therapy prevents stroke and particularly severe and fatal stroke, even in patients with short-term atrial fibrillation. The results show an increased risk of bleeding, but not of fatal bleeding. Overall, this is very important evidence that clarifies a grey area of knowledge,' commented Prof. Giuseppe Boriani, Full Professor of Cardiology at Unimore, Director of University Cardiology at the Policlinico di Modena and of the Inter-departmental Department of Nephrological, Cardiac and Vascular Diseases, co-author of the paper and coordinator for Italy of this study.

Prof. Boriani also underlined that 'Atrial fibrillation continues to be an important research topic at our centre in Modena. By involving young researchers, we are tackling the issue across the board, including with multidisciplinary approaches in collaboration with colleagues from engineering and other disciplines'. 

The ARISTOTELES project has just been approved within the context of the European Union's Horizon Europe programme. Prof. Boriani will be the Principal Investigator, and Unimore will be the coordinator of a European network that includes high-level research centres from 10 countries.

In this ambitious project, which stems from a long-standing collaboration of several years with the University of Liverpool, the clinical impact of an innovative approach to atrial fibrillation based on the use of artificial intelligence will be assessed, in various contexts such as heart failure and ischaemic heart disease.

"The project," Prof. Boriani concludes, "will be a great opportunity for young researchers to implement high-level multidisciplinary research.

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