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25 years of the agri-food university course in Reggio Emilia

Unimore is preparing to celebrate 25 years of the agri-food journey at its Reggio Emilia headquarters. The agronomic reality was born as a faculty of Agriculture in 1998 and then returned, following the Gelmini reform, to the Department of Life Sciences.

The educational offer of the agri-food path today includes a three-year degree course in agricultural and food sciences and technologies, two master's degree courses in food control and safety and in integrated sustainability of agricultural systems and an inter-university international master's degree course in Food Safety and Food Risk Management.

It is truly an important appointment - comments the Vice Rector of Reggio Emilia, prof. Giovanni Verzellesi - the one organized by the Department of Life Sciences to celebrate the 25 years of the presence of university courses in the field of agri-food sciences in the Reggio Emilia branch of our University. It will be an opportunity to report on the contributions that this area of ​​Unimore has given in terms of training, research and collaboration with the territory and, at the same time, to outline the future scenarios of a sector so crucial for achieving the objectives of sustainable development”.

“The teaching offering in the agro-food sector of the Department of Life Sciences - states Professor Lorena Rebecchi - represented by an interclass three-year degree course and three master's degree courses, one of which is international inter-university, offers students male and female students a stimulating study environment with an excellent possibility of interaction with teachers and a solid basic and applied cultural preparation which allows them to enter, immediately after obtaining their qualification, in the production realities of the Food Valley of the our Region, but also at a national and international level".

The Agri-food path in Reggio Emilia was activated in 1998 with the birth of the then Faculty of Agriculture, established when the University of Modena became a network of campuses with the name of University of Modena and Reggio Emilia . Despite the presence in the regional territory of the nearby Agricultural Faculties of Bologna, Parma and Piacenza and the presence of a Degree Course in Animal Production at the University of Bologna in Reggio Emilia, - explains prof. Domenico Pietro Lo Fiego - the Agri-food path of Modena and Reggio Emilia was able to differentiate itself from those of the other nearby universities by becoming increasingly rooted in the territory and attracting students from all over the country, despite the small size of the academic body".

 “Agricultural and agri-food sciences in the last 25 years have seen a greater integration of advanced technologies, a growing attention to environmental protection and greater flexibility in adapting agricultural and industrial practices to the challenges of the modern world. These changes - concludes the prof. Domenico Pietro Lo Fiego - were driven by a combination of scientific advances, market needs and environmental concerns. The use of advanced technologies such as drones, sensors, GPS and satellite tracking systems have transformed crop management. Using precision agriculture techniques, it is now possible to monitor the growth and needs of plants and animals in real time, adapting technologies in a targeted way, saving many natural resources. Agriculture must face increasingly complex challenges aimed at combating ongoing climate change and making production increasingly eco-sustainable. This will require a considerable effort from the agri-food training and research sector."

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