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Unimore in support of Ukraine students: special measures for accommodation, catering services and scholarships

Support and welcome is offered to Ukrainian university students fleeing the war or already enrolled in the Universities of Emilia-Romagna for the A.Y. 21/22: the ER.GO call for applications for students fleeing from Ukraine has already been published. From Unimore, 10 scholarships and exemptions from university fees while ER.GO will take care of the accommodation and catering and hospitality services.

A package of special measures for the reception and support of university students from Ukraine: Together with the Regione and the other Emilia-Romagna universities, Unimore opens its doors to students fleeing the war, so that they can continue their studies and training. Without forgetting those students who are already registered for the A.Y. 21/22 in a local University for international exchange projects and are unable to return home.

There are two types of recipients: Ukrainian students enrolled in the Universities based in the region for the A.A. 21/22 who cannot find financial support in Italy, or refugee students from Ukraine, in any case following registration for training activities at a regional university.

The measures

ER.GO (Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education) will make available services and extraordinary opportunities for support and reception, with a call that has been published (https://qui.unimore.it/ucraina) and provides two types of measures:

  • A €75,000 fund is available for Ukrainian students enrolled in the Universities for the A.A. 21/22 for international exchange projects based in the region and for the programmes activated in Emilia-Romagna. They can choose whether to apply for an extraordinary contribution to cover the costs of renting - against the presentation of a regularly registered contract - for a maximum value of €2,000, commensurate with the rent due in the February-September 2022 period; or a prepaid fee for access to catering services worth €500 to be used by 30 September 2022 at ER.GO catering and/or affiliated services;
  • for refugee students from Ukraine, Unimore provides 10 scholarships worth €3,000 each. The scholarship includes the exemption from the payment of fees for university programmes. In addition, students who are beneficiaries of the University’s funds, will also benefit from a free place to stay at the ER.GO residences until 30 September 2022, subject to actual availability.

How to apply

The applications - for which assistance will be given to students and forms are also available in English - can be submitted as of 23 March; there are two deadlines: one on 5 April and another one later, on 29 April, subject to the actual availability of resources. 

For information and to request the activation of credentials, useful to submit the application, please email emergenzaucraina@er-go.it.

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