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Resuming face-to-face examinations and final degree examinations: Unimore approves the guidelines

This decision is part of the road map that the collegial bodies of the University have been drawing up for some time now, and is based on Leg. Decree no. 52 of 22 April 2021, providing for the preferred scheduling in face-to-face mode of those teaching activities that until now could only be held remotely in accordance with the provisions for containing and preventing the spread.

This decision puts an end to a series of declarations and statements, also rebounded on information bodies and circulated among students, that turned out to be not only inaccurate and unfounded, but also misleading for most of students who, especially in such a complex and burdensome time, need accurate and true news.

Therefore, the next examination sessions, both regular and final degree examinations, will be held in face-to-face mode as a standard rule, except for envisaging a set of specific cases for which students will be able to request the remote mode.

The reason precluding the face-to-face mode obviously include not only being positive to Covid and being placed in quarantine, but also residing in a red or orange area, or in any case at a distance that would now allow for daily transfers.

Unimore Rector, Professor Carlo Adolfo Porro , remarked that “the decision of the Academic Senate is an important step forward towards a progressive resuming of face-to-face mode for all teaching activities, which is essential for a constructive student-professor relationship . A decision that considers the need to observe in the most rigorous way all regulations on the containment of the epidemic spread, and that must necessarily also face the actual availability of spaces as well as structural and logistic needs that do not allow for a total resuming of all activities in face-to-face mode, regardless of the extraordinary effort made by Unimore.

The Rector continues by saying that “I personally - and the whole Unimore - care for students training and health: it is exactly on this basis that we can only reaffirm that any decision we make is driven by this assumption.

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