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Unimore excels among general universities for the performance and the employment rate of its graduates

The degree obtained at Unimore keeps being an effective master key for the workplace, with the University passing the exam of its graduates with flying colours, and winning the comparison with the other Italian universities.

This is what the AlmaLaurea Interuniversity Consortium states in its latest report on a 2016 survey on graduate employment, made to students one year after obtaining the degree. It confirms that the unemployment rate of Unimore graduates has further dropped to 10.0%, being 1.7 percentage points lower than the previous year.  If compared to the youth unemployment rate as of December 2017 in Italy (age group 15/24 years - Istat data), which was 40.1%, it is easy to understand how much the degree obtained at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia is valued in the workplace.

Even in the context of the complex Italian university system, Unimore offers its graduates an unemployment rate that is nearly half of the national one, which reaches 18.2% according to AlmaLaurea data. The unemployment rates of the other Emilia Romagna Universities are also lower than the national average: Bologna 14.7%; Ferrara 14.6%, and Parma 15.3%.  

Undoubtedly, the general appreciation for the degree obtained at Unimore is the result of an extremely favourable socio-economic context, made of a highly dynamic business structure, still it cannot be separated from Unimore strategic focus on the teaching quality of its degree programmes, and the way it looks after the study programme of its students: 65.2% of them get the degree within the regular time, when the national average is barely 51.1%. In Italy, Unimore ranks third among the general universities with more than 3,000 graduates, as only Ca’ Foscari in Venice (65.7%) and Bologna (65.4%) get better results. On the other hand, data on regular graduates for the other Emilia Romagna universities is as follows: Ferrara (53.9%); Parma (50.5%).

Similarly, the value that young people assign Unimore is in line with the opportunities offered to students to enter the job market during their studies, by taking up internships or apprenticeships outside the University: a 52.9% out of the total of Unimore students taking up internships when studying (77.6%). As regards internship/apprenticeships opportunities, Unimore ranks third among the general universities in Italy with more than 3,000 graduates: only Ca’ Foscari in Venice (79.8%) and Bologna (78.2%) get better results. On the other hand, as far as the rate of internship students who have taken up this experience outside the university - still among the Universities with more than 3,000 graduates - Unimore ranks second, only preceded by Verona (58.3%).  Here the national average is 37.2%, whereas for the other Emilia-Romagna universities it goes from 39.3% in Bologna to 48.5% in Ferrara, and 40.9% in Parma. 

The flattering opinion reported in interviews by Unimore graduates is the result of a complex set of factors. According to this opinion, with regard to the years of study at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and to the relationships built with teachers and colleagues, 78% of people state that they would enrol in the same study programme again at Unimore, one of the highest satisfaction percentage among general universities in Italy with more than 3,000 graduates (the Italian average in the university system is 69.1%).

All this means that for a Unimore graduate, just a little more than two months (2.1) pass between the first job search and the first job obtained

The Rector of Unimore, professor Angelo O. Andrisano, reports that “Once more, AlmaLaurea surveys confirms that we are a university able to meet the expectations of the socio-economic structure and that strives for top quality, non only for the training activities offered, but also for the employment prospects of its graduates. Indeed, the policy of the University of the latest years allows us to offer unique study programmes in Italy, defined in accordance with the society and the manufacturing world, which have led Unimore to get the deserved appreciation both at a national and international level. Looking at so many young people leaving our classrooms and easily finding a job is a great satisfaction, which pays us back for all our efforts. Furthermore, we are grateful to our girls and boys for the opinions they have expressed on us and for being happy for the years spent with us. They make us proud and confident to continue this path”.   

Professor Marco Sola, the Rector Delegate for Education, adds that “Unimore consolidates and strengthens its status of a top university in the region and in the country, thanks to an effective study programme, employment performance and a consequent satisfaction of its graduates. These results in the key aspects of the university initiatives have been obtained for many years and are matched by a long phase of dimensional growth in terms of the offer of study programmes and students enrolled. This makes them even more significant and increases the effort requested to all university areas, in order to keep and improve this quality level, which shall always be attained not for showing up in rankings, but for strengthening the role that Unimore plays as the cornerstone of cultural, social and economic development of the communities in which it operates”.

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