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Unimore co-organised the annual conference of the European Platform on Nanotechnologies in Healthcare

From 10 to 12 June, the annual conference of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine (ETPN), the European platform dedicated to the advancement of nanotechnology in the healthcare sector, was held in Milan. For the 2024 edition, Unimore was a co-organiser together with the Don Gnocchi Foundation.
The event, hosted by the University of Milan and the Mario Negri Institute, included three days of speeches and strategic discussions on the future of Nanomedicine, with sessions focusing on the design, production and translation of innovative products for drug delivery into the field and industry.
The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia has been an integral part of the platform for many years, within which it plays an active role in particular in the field of Nanomedicine, with Prof. Giovanni Tosi of the Unimore Department of Life Sciences, who currently holds the role of secretary and scientific head of the Nanomedicine Platform.
Each year the platform organises a conference that brings together scientists, technology providers, entrepreneurs, industry representatives and clinicians. This event, dedicated to the development of cutting-edge medical applications of nanotechnology and emerging medical technologies (MedTech), promises to be a key meeting for the industry.
"The European Nanomedicine Platform, in which Unimore has been actively involved for years, represents a meeting and dialogue point in the field of Nanomedicine. Never before, after the success of vaccines, thanks to the joint efforts of all players in the supply chain, from academia to regulatory bodies, it has been confirmed as a real opportunity to combat and defeat high-impact and difficult-to-treat pathologies. At Unimore, Nanomedicine projects are active and range from therapeutic applications against cancer pathologies to diseases of the central nervous system, involving multiple research fields and diversified skills, which are essential for success," commented Prof. Giovanni Tosi.

Established in 2005, the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine aims to address the application of nanotechnology in the healthcare sector in the therapeutic, diagnostic and personalised medicine fields. This platform is to date a unique body in Europe, bringing together 125 members from 25 different Member States, covering all nanomedicine stakeholders: universities, industry, public agencies, representatives of national platforms, the European Commission.


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