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The CLA - University Language Centre of Unimore offers students the opportunity to participate in the "Tandem" Project

The CLA - University Language Centre of Unimore offers students the opportunity to participate in the "Tandem" Project.

"Tandem" is probably the oldest system in the world for learning a foreign language, it is a form of free learning in which students of different mother tongue practice in pairs with the aim of improving their language and cultural knowledge.

The opportunity to experience the "Tandem" activity is offered by the presence at Unimore of foreign EU and non-EU students participating in international exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+, Marco Polo, Turandot.

In an increasingly interconnected and globalised world- the Director of CLA, Professor Franca Poppi, states - the knowledge of languages has now become an essential tool for individual training and future job opportunities. For this reason, the CLA considered it appropriate to offer students, in addition to foreign language courses, also a less formal opportunity to enrich their skills and contribute at the same time to consolidate socialisation and openness to languages and cultures other than their own". 

Learning a foreign language in “Tandem”, i.e. working in pair, is an intercultural way of learning that is based on two important principles: reciprocity - each student must be able to offer the partner a linguistic and cultural support appropriate to his/her needs and the two partner students must devote the same time to each of the two languages and must be able to benefit equally from the activities planned; independent learning - each student is responsible for their own learning process and independently determines their own goals and methods, which rarely coincide with those of the partner. Each of the two partners offers their own support to the other as an "expert" of their own language and culture, a true exchange at par.

All students enrolled in a Unimore degree programme may participate in the Tandem project. Students willing to participate must fill in the “Tandem Project" form and send it via e-mail to corsi.italiano@unimore.it.

The CLA (University Language Centre) will match the students in pairs, and once the working pairs have been created, students can start their activity independently. Any requests will be met depending on the availability offered by the foreign students participating in the project.                       

The participation form is available on http://www.clamore.unimore.it/it/research-projects/tandem

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