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Unimore libraries are back for on-site consultation

The recovery was gradual and, nevertheless, the service never stopped, to the extent that, in the period 25 May – 3 September, over 7,000 book lendings were supplied and several consultations were provided.

With the arrival of freshmen and the imminence of the resumption of teaching activities, Unimore students will find all 7 libraries managed by the Unimore Library System (SBA) - the 6 located in Modena and the one in Reggio Emilia - open and available.

Biblioteca di Economia Sebastiano Brusco (Library of Economics) (www.biblioeconomia.unimore.it)

Biblioteca Giuridica (Law Library) (www.bugiuridica.unimore.it)

Biblioteca Umanistica (Humanities Library) (www.biblioumanistica.unimore.it)

Biblioteca Medica (Medical Library) (www.bibmed.unimore.it)

Biblioteca Scientifica Interdipartimentale BSI (Interdepartmental Scientific Library) - Specialised in physics, mathematics, IT, chemistry, geology, pharmacy, and biology (www.bsi.unimore.it)

Biblioteca di Ingegneria Enzo Ferrari - BUST (Library of Engineering) (www.biblioingegneria.unimore.it)

Biblioteca Interdipartimentale di Reggio Emilia (Interdepartmental Library of Reggio Emilia) - Specialised in communication sciences, training sciences, nursing sciences, agriculture, engineering, and psychology (www.biblioreggio.unimore.it)

Nevertheless, also during the lockdown period, the activity of these facilities, which is a fundamental support for students enrolled in Unimore, thanks to the assistance services for bibliographic research and to the library extensive equipment (423,000 modern volumes, 224,000 collections of magazines, concerning the paper heritage; 200,000 eJournals and eBooks and a hundred databases), never stopped and continued to hold a “remote” dialogue with the users, either before and after 25 May, when some services to individual users gradually resumed. One of them was the lending service: from 25 May, 7,123 book lendings were recorded.

During these months, remote services were enhanced to overcome the emergency situation (http://www.sba.unimore.it/site/home/novita/iorestoacasa.html), the staff provided approximately 200 online services of expert advice and answered, through the digital Reference service (Ask the librarian), to 166 requests received.

Furthermore, 1,117 eBooks were bought through publishers’ platforms and other 182 eBooks were made available for the lending service.

To promote service availability and provide precise instructions on how to use them, 9 useful video tutorials were produced and published on the sba YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCioMWTGb10c92hv1rDOpIeg).

At the same time, the collections of online academic resources were enriched: databases, specialist journals and, especially, eBooks allowing students to access manuals and tests to prepare exams and dissertations (trials to new resources were activated in cooperation with publishers, authentication modes for Unimore users were facilitated, new resources packages were acquired http://www.sba.unimore.it/site/home/novita/trial-covid19.html).

Now, to continue to be reach its users and inform them on the opportunities offered by the Unimore Library System (SBA), a video was created to remind all the services in which the activity is deployed: online catalogue BiblioMo to search, reserve and make an appointment for the book lending (most libraries are also equipped with auto-lending stations to be independent and save time); ebooks and online magazines accessible from the OneClick portal for remote study ( www.oneclick.unimore.it); magazines and newspapers, novels and audiobooks to stream or download on Emilib ( https://emilib.medialibrary.it/); resources and services assistance by phone, mail or video call; bibliographic advices and disciplinary research paths through the digital reference service Ask the librarian (www.chiedialbibliotecario.unimore.it); online courses on bibliographic research on the Dolly SBA portal.


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