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DEMB selected by P&G CEO Challenge

Students Andrea Rizzato, Matteo D’Alessandro, Laura Brummer (incoming Erasmus), and Jonas Dubiel (incoming Erasmus), attending the Trade Marketing and Sales Management course of Master’s Degree Programme in International Management of the “Marco Biagi” Department of Economics at Unimore, were selected by P&G to participate in the Southern Europe final competition of the CEO Challenge that was held in Madrid at the end of February.

Out of 18 students coming from 12 Universities and previously selected among hundreds of youngsters from all universities of Southern Europe, i.e. Italy, Portugal, and Spain, 4 of them were Unimore students and the winner of the round was Matteo D’Alessandro, securing his participation in the next European final competition that will be held in Frankfurt over the next months.

The Ceo Challenge  is a contest that gives the opportunity to know directly how P&G works, its daily challenges, its market opportunities, the building of strategies. Through the "Pantene” case, the participants will get to know the context dynamics of the Brand and propose the solutions for the development of new market strategies.

For some years, students of the Trade Marketing and Sales Management course held by professor Elisa Martinelli have been invited to participate in the CEO P&G Challenge in which P&G managers are involved to present the competition in the classrooms and enrol the volunteer students. The challenge is divided in five highly selective stages: Online registration, Online Business Case, Local round in Madrid, Regional round in Frankfurt, and Global final in Mexico City

45 students of the TM&SM course participated in the first and second stage of the selection, based on the development of an online business case. As professor Elisa Martinelli of Unimore states, “The objective of this year was to increase the sales of the Pantene brand by 7% in Europe, the target being “Z Generation”, that is young people born between 1999 and 2015. Students have then collected information on the sector, analysed the consumption and purchase trends, interviewed samples of customers and formulated strategies to focus on the right objective. This type of experiences enable students to deal with real cases and exploit the management knowledge gained, by also developing cross skills. In my opinion, the result is not only the consequence of what students have learnt in my course, but must be attributed to the whole Department of the Master’s Degree Programme in International Management, which allowed these students to enhance their personal characteristics with the excellent grounds of theoretical and applied knowledge that were taught to them during these two years of International Management at Unimore. A top result for our degree programme, that will also boast this important success. Please note that although hundreds of students participate in the challenge, we had four of them selected, and even the winner! I would also point out that these challenges are also quality opportunities for our students when they enter the job market. Matteo D’Alessandro, whom I congratulate, has indeed been offered an internship in Rome by P&G for the next summer, with the role of “Strategic Trade Marketing and Sales”. Two Erasmus students who are spending six months at the Marco Biagi Department of Economics were also selected. This confirms an increase of the qualitative level of incoming Erasmus students in our university, a consequence of the great mobility and internationalisation work carried out by our department.

If Matteo D’Alessandro, representing Southern Europe in P&G competition, also passes the European final competition, he would then participate in the global stage that will take place in Mexico City.

Matteo D’Alessandro was born on 14 May 1996 in Chieti and graduated in Economics and Management at the University “G.D’Annunzio” in Chieti-Pescara with a score of 110/110 and Honours

Andrea Rizzato was born on 12 July 1991 in Mirandola (MO) and graduated in “Marketing and Business Organisation” at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with a score of 100/110.

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