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New paradigms in Digital technology, robotics and primary education

Relatore: dott. Lorenzo Manera.

Evento del ciclo di seminari organizzato da ROBOMORE (http://www.robomore.unimore.it), l’iniziativa di robotica di Ateneo.


Artificial intelligence is nowadays considered as a new form of intelligent agency, already able to reshape our interactions, our environments and, ultimately, our lives.
Among the various areas involved in this process of cultural change and development, taking into account the great changes that touch early childhood and adolescence appears to be increasingly important. Designing projects involving this age span requires the development of specific paradigms and educational programs. Nevertheless, such design actions can be strongly related to educational research aimed at other age groups. Moreover, research projects characterized by a strong attention to the issue of digital, robotics and the possible contributions and benefits related to their use can as well involve subjects often not taken into account in the design phase of research projects, such as children of pre-school and primary school age.
During the seminar, after a review of some paradigms and theoretical perspectives, national and international research projects will be presented and discussed, in which children have not been considered as mere users of software or devices, but have instead been active protagonists of complex processes of co-design.
Finally, the topic of designing research that allow to relate robotics with the languages of information will be addressed, discussing how to enable the emergence of connections between computation, digital environments and design in childhood education contexts.


Data inizio evento: 22/02/2019 14:30

Luogo: Sala bianca, Palazzo del Rettorato, via Università 4, Modena

Categorie: tecnologia, eventi, Seminario

Pubblicato da: comunicazione@unimore.it