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Online the new "Sustainable Unimore" website, directly accessible from the homepage

Unimore has joined the University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS) and is listed in the Greenmetric international ranking. Other than monitoring the network activity, the University actively participates with its own staff in the five RUS work groups: Energy, Climate Changes, Mobility, Waste and Education to Sustainability.

In this context, the “Sustainable Unimore” website has been created to promote Unimore as a Sustainable University, and is already available on www.unimoresostenibile.unimore.it . You can also access it through the button on the right-hand side of the unimore.it homepage.

The collective cooperation is required by reporting all planned “sustainable” activities in the education/research/adiministration field or of a general management:

Teaching: laboratories, guided tours, group activities, application of sustainability principles, proposals of Thesis on Sustainability issues (in this case, please indicate the department, the type of thesis (three-year or five-year type), to which students they are addressed, the referring person and any contacts).

Research: Research Projects or Activities dealing with Sustainability issues, linked for example to one or multiple RUS round tables.

Administration: Initiatives for Sustainability in Administration and University Management

For each activity, a very short description containing the essential references is required, to allow the potential students interested to contact the staff or the teams involved. As regards the events related to Sustainability, where possible they should be reported well in advance in order to upload and advertise them on the website.

The contents shall be emailed to Francesca Despini ( francesca.despini@unimore.it ) or to the Rector’s delegate for University Sustainability, Professor Grazia Ghermandi ( grazia.ghermandi@unimore.it ).

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