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Unimore moves up in the general ranking of London-based Times Higher Education institution

Well done for Unimore, which in the world university rankings 2019 drawn up by Times Higher Education (THE), namely the most rigorous, wide and documented qualitative investigation on universities, is assigned a range between 351-400, thus improving the results obtained last year and moving up fifty positions.

Five indicators have been chosen for the assessment: teaching methodology, research, quotations by professor in academic publications, contributions from the private sector and international perspective of the University.

The position reached assigns Unimore the 12th position among the  43 Italian universities examined by the London research institution. Unimore is tie with Bolzano, Perugia, Salerno, and Siena.

The first Italian university in the world is Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, whereas Bologna (180th) has obtained its best result ever in the standings. The other universities of the region are positioned between 401-500 (Ferrara) and between 501-600 (Parma).

In particular, Unimore boasts an excellent result for the indicator relating to the teaching methodology, in which the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia improves last year scoring of 18.5 with a 31.3 in 2019, that is the best result ever obtained for this specific indicator, definitely higher than the average value of 24.3.

Still, the most positive indicator for Unimore remains the number of quotations by professor, as recorded in the Scopus database (Quotations by Faculty), in which Unimore gets 78.4 points, a scoring way above the world average of 44.7.

 As the Pro-Rector, professor Sergio Ferrari points out, “The rankings drawn up by the Times Higher Education is the most comprehensive at global level, in terms of the parameters used for the assessment, and therefore it provides a more objective picture of the health of each university, as it is based on more accurate and reliable information. During these years, Unimore has taken important steps towards a wider international approach and a stronger commitment in research. I would like to stress that this is confirmed by the performance we obtain for the quotations in academic publications, marking the high degree of collaborations and participation of our professors and researchers in international groups of study. This is clearly an advantage also for the young people that in large numbers attend our University and our laboratories, as they have the opportunity to start international collaborations.

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