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From the next academic year, FIM of Unimore will welcome professor Nobuyuki Sano of the University of Tzkuba in Japan

The Department of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics (FIM) of Unimore strives for excellence and focuses on providing its students with opportunities for discussion by hosting great names in international physics. From the next academic year 2018/2019, students enrolled in the international master’s degree programme in Physics, provided in English, will have the opportunity to attend classes taught by professor Nobuyuki Sano of the University of Tzukuba in Japan, an expert of electronic properties of quantic nanomaterials.

The famous professor will arrive in Modena in September as a visiting professor, and will hold a six-month course in “Trasport phenomena in semiconductor and nanostrutures”.

He is not going to be the first great name of world Physics to teach in the classrooms of the Modena and Reggio Emilia University, as he will follow professor Ulrich Hohenester of the University of Graz (Austria), an international expert in nano-optics, a discipline that focuses on designing new nanomaterials able to interact with electromagnetic radiations in a controlled and predefined way. His course in “ Nano and quantum optics ” has provided students with an overview on recent developments and professional tools.

The visiting professor initiative - professor Andrea Sacchetti, Director of FIM at Unimore states - is an essential element to enrich the training offer with top level professional skills, as well as an extremely motivating opportunity for confrontation. When leaving Modena, professor Ulrich Hohenester congratulated the students for the level of their knowledge. Scientists coming from the most prestigious universities to teach an international six-month master’s degree programme in physics are colleagues with whom we also collaborate in our research activities. Therefore, their presence is the result of the high quality of our scientific activity and allows us to constantly update the training we provide to our students”.


Nobuyuki Sano

He has obtained the PhD in Physics in the US in 1988. After working for the NTT Research Laboratories, in 1995 he became an Associate Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Tsukuba in Japan. In 2007, he became a full professor at the same University, holding several managerial roles relating to the organisation of educational activity. His research activity, carried out through several international collaborations, relates to models and computations for the unbalanced electronic transport in semiconductors, quantum theory of transport, simulative models for the effects of fluctuations in the operation of electronic devices, and analyses of fundamental theoretical aspects of classic and quantum transport for simulative models. He has published approximately 80 articles on specialised international magazines and has taken part in over 80 International Congresses, many of which on invitation.

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