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Four young talents of Cyber Academy Unimore in Singapore

Talents of the Cyber Academy Unimore are in Singapore to take part in the main hacker competition in the world, which will be held on the 11 and 12 June.

It is the Defence Discovery Camp, an event promoted by the Defence & Science Technology Agency, which will involve the participation of Italy and other 6 foreign teams coming from the US, United Kingdom, Estonia, Romania, Israel.

Italy will be present with 4 students of the Cyber Academy of Unimore, namely the team leader Alessandro Guido, Antonio CirinoMatteo Corradini, and Giacomo Sighinolfi. The delegation is leaded by professor Michele Colajanni of Unimore, director of the Cyber Academy, who stated: “Our Academy hosts students from 18 to 40 years of age, and we are planning to organise events for young students from 14 to 18 years of age, because the hacker talent is ageless. We are extremely grateful to the company who has always believed in Cyber Academy and very excited for the opportunity we have to test ourselves in a prestigious competition and deal with Countries that are very effective in terms of cyber security”.

The participation of Unimore students has been made possible thanks to the support received by CY4GATE, which through the Gruppo Elettronica representation office in Singapore, leaded by Gianluca Trezza, has created the connection required for Italian cyber talents to test themselves in this unique and exclusive competition.

Other than creating the preconditions for this participation, CY4GATE has also sponsored this initiative, believing in the great value of training these skills in Italy, where every year the cybercrime costs 6.73 billion dollars (source: Report Accenture Ponemon Institute). “The need for creating strongly skilled white hats (ethical hackers) in our country goes hand-in-hand with the need for a solid national cyber industry, as it happens in Countries such as the US or Israel, who have well understood the importance that such a sensitive topic is managed by national authorities and enterprises”, declares Eugenio Santagata, Ceo of Cy4Gate.


CY4GATE is the result of a joint venture between the Roman ELETTRONICA S.p.A., international leader in the field of Electronic Warfare, and Expert System, a Cognitive Computing leading company based in Modena. Combining the know-how in the Electronic Warfare field and the exploitation of ELETTRONICA’s electromagnetic spectrum with the software and skills in managing and analysing the information of Expert System, CY4GATE works systematically in the field of Cyber Electronic Warfare, Cyber Intelligence and Cyber Security, by offering a wide range of solutions to intelligence Agencies, security governmental Organisations (military and not) and Companies

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