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Over a hundred companies took part in MoreJobs, the Career Day organised by Unimore

Once more, Unimore aims at assisting its thousands of students and graduates to enter the job market. Notwithstanding the brilliant job performances reported for Unimore graduates within one year after the degree - according to the annual investigations carried out by the interuniversity consortium AlmaLaurea, which confirm that only 11.7% of graduates are still looking for their first employment one year after graduating (compared to a national average of 21.3% for Italian graduates and more generally, according to the data provided by the Italian National Statistical Institute, 35% of young people under 35 years of age) - being always deeply committed in placement activities and mindful of prof. Marco Biagi’s moral legacy, Unimore insists on enhancing its graduates’ employability.

And beside the events periodically organised in collaboration with groups of companies and offered to students and graduates, for almost three years now it fosters the MoreJobs- Career Day event, which is finding increasing success along with the participating interest of several companies, associations and job agencies.

The edition 2017 took place on Wednesday 18th October at Modena Exhibition Centre.

The event saw the participation of 107 companies, of which 6 job agencies,  2 trade associations,  1 training institution  and  1 professional association,  representing an extremely wide range of the production sectors with a strong presence of companies belonging to the IT/electronic sector (more than 25) and the metal manufacturing and precision mechanics industry (more than 25), as well as over ten consulting/business service companies. Credit/insurance institutions, along with infrastructure, building and building material companies, and research and/or job agencies are also well represented. There were even qualified companies belonging to the chemical/pharmaceutical sector, as well as biomedical, logistics and transports, great distribution, chemistry, trade, hotels and public administration.

43% of them are based in Modena37% in Reggio Emilia , and  20% in other Italian provinces .

Each participating company and/or association had its own area available, in which all Unimore students and graduates, along with several colleagues coming from other Universities, had the opportunity to hold short interviews and hand over their CVs.

The MoreJobs Career Day forms an integral part of the third-mission activities of the university, as it transfers the benefits of a long university training carried out by the students and the new graduates to the territory and company system – states the Chancellor of the University, prof   Angelo O. Andrisano.  The objective of this initiative is help bringing together the demand and the supply, offering our graduates and prospective graduates the opportunity to measure the skills acquired through a direct confrontation with a job market that gets more and more segmented and specialised on one side, and still requires a certain degree of flexibility on the other. 

During the day, from 10 am to 3.55 pm students and graduates will be able to participate in 40 company presentations and 7 theme workshops taking place in 4 rooms of the event venue.

Prof. Roberta Gelmini, University Representative for Guidance and Mentoring programmes, reminds that “ the third edition of the MoreJobs Career Day represented a real opportunity for bringing together the job supply and demand, aimed at both consolidating the opening process of Unimore towards the business world, the job market and the professions, and to assist the students during the complex stage of transition from their graduation to their employment. Our university has always distinguished itself for a strong commitment in providing study guidance and placement through a structured project, able to guide Unimore individual students throughout their training, from choosing the study programme until moving out of the university and entering the job market. MoreJobs represents one of the essential moments of this project, as it gives Unimore students and graduates the opportunity to deal directly with the labour market”.


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